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This is the The Real BirdWatching website, the place where we want to show you the bird watching tours and photography hides we have prepared for you.

Thank to you we are getting grow and increase the natural spaces where you can enjoy the Andalucía wildlife nature.

Everybody like to observe nature from different perspectives. For this matter, we have booked an space in the website for birder and another for wildlife photographer.

canastera común


People who live in Europe have in Andalucía one of the most biodiversity place around the world close from home.

Up 400 birds species in mythical National and Natural Parks like Doñana, Sierra Morena, Sierra de Cazorla and other places not as well-known like Subbética, Serranía de Ronda, Guadalhorce, Lagunas del Sur de Córdoba or Campiña de Sevilla.

So we have tours from four days specially for you, because we know that you are near from here.

Wildlife Photographers

To get the most amazing wild animals photos, incredible birds, mammals, plants and insects, some of them very difficult to see like great bustard, little bustard or black-bellied sandgrouse (and much more) we have looked for the places from where you not only will see these birds, you will see at a little meters from you and you will take the best shots of our wonderful friends.


And much more

The Real Bird Watching has a lot of to offer to you. Although we want to give you traditional food of the region and show you some of the well-known cultural stuffs like flamenco, marvellous little towns like Zuheros and much more. Your holidays will be unforgettable. If you think to come to know Andalucía, to take wild animals photos, our biodiversity, do not doubt and contact us.

Also you will taste Andalusian gastronomy, which is direct heir to the Al-Andalus cuisine. Its refinement,unknown in the European continent, transformed many customs. They were the Andalusians who created the room eating or dining room and the current command of the dishes, among other contributions. Cuisine from the sea or landaccompanied by excellent wines and favoured by the quality of local products, olive oil is the ingredient star of much of their recipes, starting with the most famous: gazpacho. This cold soup, great nutritional value and easy preparation, made from tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, garlic, oil and vinegar

Very soon we will be in Doñana Birdfair and Madbird Fair making us to know to everybody who go to this interesting fairs.

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See you soon!